About Russell

My professions work is comprised of three, interwoven strands.
These are music, psychotherapy and yoga and they spiral round each other in a dance that is nourishing, informative and extremely creative. This sometimes makes it difficult to tell where one stops and another begins as they feed and interact with each other.

The first strand is music.
Up to 1995 I was a professional studio singer as well as a recording artist and songwriter. That was in the 1970′s as R&J Stone, having a world-wide, self-penned hit with ‘We Do It.’
I retired from that life in 1995 in order to focus on study and learning which culminated in 2004 with an MA in Transpersonal psychotherapy. This research degree led me to develop the use of Sounding, a vocal technique that has proved to be a highly effective psychotherapeutic tool as well as a devotional/artistic expression. I use this with great effect in the three devotional ensembles I helped to create, ‘At-Ma,’ ‘The Gathering’ and ‘Equals.’ I have participated in many concerts in various settings such as the Osho Leela and Bhakti Yoga festivals, the Yoga show at Olympia, various Yoga centres and Mind/Body/Spirit gatherings.

I have three CD’s that show very well the range that I span, “Yoga Nidra, Volume 1“, At-Ma’s “City in the Sky“, The Gathering’s “Startled by the Familiar“, and Equals “Equals“.
Following the release of the back catalogue of R&J Stone I have embarked on a 3-album ‘Aspects’ series beginning with ‘Love Aspects’. This series brings my artistic development up to the present day.

The second strand is psychotherapy.
I have a private practice as an Integrative Counsellor and Transpersonal Psychotherapist, helping individuals towards emotional and spiritual growth. I address a broad range of issues such as bereavement, job-loss, low self-esteem, stress, relationship difficulties, spiritual crisis and stuckness.

The third strand is Yoga.
I have been practicing and studying Yoga since 1995. Up to now it, Buddhism and Sufi, have been my main spiritual influences, and sources of inspiration and information. As a contemporary Nada Yoga teacher, Nada being the Sanskrit word for sound, I use Yoga Nidra, an ancient deep relaxation practice and Sounding (Nada Yoga) as the core techniques. The Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan in his book ‘The Mysticism Of Sound And Music’ gives very important clues to the psychology of music, and it is this, plus the yoga aspects of the kleshas, the causes of our sufferings and the koshas, the five sheaths that make up what we in the West call the body, that inform my work of helping people towards well-being.
I use Yoga Nidra and Sounding in the ‘Yoga of Sound’ process that facilitates emotional, psychological and spiritual growth in a way that dialogue alone struggles to do. I run various groups using the ‘Yoga of Sound’ process in various settings such as an on-going developmental open group in Bosham (Hamblin Hall) and Liss (White Eagle Lodge). I also run a closed, therapy group in Liss, I am an In-Service training tutor for the ‘British Wheel of Yoga,’ as well as facilitating growth and developmental retreats in Europe with my wife Polly who is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the above.