Sound Recovery Therapy

Sound Recovery TherapySound Recovery Therapy
Venue: KCA UK Drug Alcohol and Mental Health Services
26 Linton Rd, Barking, Essex IG11 8HG
Tel: 020 8591 6800
Type: Closed, induction by KCA
Time: Every Friday 11:00am – 1:00pm
Fee: £NA

A non drug-based therapeutic intervention for addiction

Agitation, anxiety, stress, and the dysfunctional behaviours that people take into therapy tend to be the outward evidence of habitual emotional and psychological patterns – such patterns can also affect and be affected by physiology. A feature of the habitual patterning is judgmental, negative self-regard.

Finding a positive relationship to oneself, and learning how to step out of habitual patterning, can be very challenging. This challenge is met by encouraging mindfulness through the Sound Recovery Therapy (SRT) process, which works at three levels simultaneously:

  • Cognitive – helping to still the mind, stepping out of compulsive mental activity, and improving concentration and clear thinking.
  • Affective – a quieter mind leads to longer periods of greater calm and self-mastery, and a stronger sense of well-being – for some this offers the first positive experiences of ‘self’ for many years, free of prescribed or illegal drugs, or alcohol.
  • Physiological – relaxing the central nervous system, lowering the heartbeat, and slowing/deepening the breath.

SRT was first developed through a successful MA research project, followed by a second phase of independent, open-ended developmental groups as well as clinic-based therapy groups.

SRT uses;

  • gentle yet effective physical and mental relaxation techniques.
  • sensitive music improvised by the facilitator during the sessions.
  • therapeutic dialogue to help clients integrate their experience of each ‘Sounding’ and address their current and core life concerns.

Each session is 2 hours long and consists of four elements:

  1. Introductory phase.
  2. Guided relaxation.
  3. Time for silence, reflection.
  4. Group dialogue interspersed with ‘Sounding.’

For more information contact Russell by email.

Russell is currently working with KCA (UK), providing one session a week on a Friday morning in Barking, Essex.

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